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I know that the financial and regulatory issues my clients face have a major impact on their business and personal lives, so that is my starting point. I make sure that I know how their business works, what their priorities are and what levers need to be pulled.

Whether they are independent financial advisers, SIPP or SSAS trustees or a company in the fintech sector, my approach will always be both pragmatic and positive. I love getting into the detail of things and never forget that, however large or small the client may be, the advice I give them can have huge consequences.

My experience in the financial services industry over the last 30 years (I try to avoid being called a veteran!) means that I build a relationship with my clients and can support them with the full range of financial regulation issues. It is a very complex area, open to different interpretations but getting it right can be the difference between your business having a prosperous or wretched future. Regulation can be seen as a positive – it can be an opportunity.

My passion is hard work and perseverance, along with finding an angle no-one else has considered. But I must say that I enjoy fine wine too!

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The best businesses are run by those who have fun in what they do.

Treat your colleagues as you would wish your children to be treated.

Hard work and luck go hand in hand.

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I have had a hostile letter from FCA, what should I do?

Don’t make a bad situation worse by acting in antagonistic way, regardless of the merits or otherwise of such a letter. Get to the bottom of their concerns and see how you can deal with them.

I am in a panic – help.

There is no problem there is no solution to, even if it may not be the solution you are looking for.

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