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Susan Breen, Associate

Family Law

Direct Dial: 020 8189 7109
Mobile: 07387 141 547

A bit about me

Treating clients as I would want to be treated myself is my starting point – I strive for parity and equality for all the families I work with, however they are blended, and I do all I can to support parents and carers.

Each family is different and my focus is on helping them move towards a manageable situation and away from current difficulties. Family law is ever-changing, often mould-breaking and occasionally leads societal change – it is fascinating.

I believe that same-sex, trans, non-binary, gender diverse and non cis gendered parents should have access to the best advice and support available, as should all parents who are dealing with gender identity issues in their family life. I have also supported clients dealing with the issues raised by the Gender Recognition Act.

Outside work I love slow running and cold swimming; my passion for inclusion and acceptance is overarching.

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Take the long view

This too will pass

Remember children grow up

‘I bet you haven’t heard this before’ … I have

‘My husband/wife is the most manipulative person you will ever have come across’…they aren’t.

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