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Working with international clients, many of them Chinese, gives me the chance to enable their businesses to grow across a range of sectors, helping to bridge the culture gap between China and the West. Because I have extensive experience of a wide range of corporate and commercial issues, I can offer pragmatic and proactive solutions as well as guiding them away from potential pitfalls.

Understanding how my clients work and what their aims are is key to my support for them – I’m committed to building long-term relationships with them. From start-ups and SMEs to large corporations and Chines state-owned enterprises, I work with a range of organisations and sectors.

Outside work, I am fascinated to cook and eat many different cuisines, with a focus on Asian food.

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If you want to save costs, minimise risks and avoid pitfalls in a transaction, you should engage with your legal advisors as early as possible. Do not leave it too late!

Choose legal advisors you can trust and who understand every aspect of your business.

Always having a written agreement in place when it comes to any business relation. The absence of a written agreement opens up the potential for disputes.

Q: How do you justify your fee quote on my matter?
A: We always estimate our fees on a realistic basis, taking into account our experience on similar matters, which generally reflect the time we envisage spending handling your matter. Please be assured that we are committed to deliver the best services and value to our clients.

Q: We just need a standard shareholders’ agreement, can you prepare one?
A: There is no standard shareholders’ agreement that would fit all companies, as each company is a unique entity. Each shareholders’ agreement, along with a set of articles of association, should be specifically drafted to your company’s and all shareholders’ needs.

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英国《国家安全与投资法案》 – 强化英国政府干预外商投资权力以及外商投资强制申报制度

2020年11月11日   1 简介 随着美国、澳大利亚、欧盟等国(包括法国、意大利)政府纷纷出台或修改各自外商投资的法律,出于对保护国家安全、强化受疫情影响的英国经济恢复能力的考虑,英国政府将会于今日(2020年11月11日)颁布一项新的法案 - 《国家安全与投资法案》(The National Security and Investment Bill)(以下简称“《法案》”)。该《法案》旨在赋予英国政府更广泛的权力,使其有权调查及干预那些可能影响国家安全的跨境并购、收购、投资等交易。 根据英国商业、能源及工业策略部于今日发布的新闻稿(以下简称“新闻稿”),虽然该《法案》将适用于任何外国投资者在某些特定行业的外商直接投资行为,但由于其具有针对性,因此绝大多数的交易仍可以经过政府审查后顺利获得审批,从而确保英国始终保持其对外商投资的吸引力。 英国政府被《法案》赋予的权力将不仅涉及对某些敏感资产及知识产权的收购,也包含对英国本地企业的收购。但该权力的行使只可以基于《法案》中明确规定的‘国家安全’这一特定理由,因此英国政府将无权基于经济等其它理由干涉商业交易。新闻稿还指出,新的外商直接投资申报审查制度下,审查流程会更加透明、快捷,从而为外国投资者提供一定程度的确定性。  …

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Expansion in HCR’s international team to meet client demand

Partner Ajit Mishra, whose experience and expertise in the UK-India business corridor is extensive, has…

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Worried about disputes with Chinese companies?

How to choose governing law and jurisdiction clauses in your contract The best way to…

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Going from strength to strength in London, Harrison Clark Rickerbys inc Sprecher Grier (HCR) is…

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