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As the daughter of a property developer, I was exposed to real estate from an early age. My keen interest in property led me to the law, and I now work with large corporations, banks, sports clubs and property developers on commercial property and real estate deals.

I’m very meticulous and have great attention to detail on even the most complex of matters. I respond quickly and I’m not afraid to be honest, even when it means telling you that a proposed deal won’t suit your end goal.

Outside of work my passion is my family, and I love watching my son grow cheekier by the day. I like cooking, and love to give new recipes a twist! I also enjoy helping others and being involved in charity work gives my life perspective. I really like to make a difference, and as a diligent and passionate person, I do the best I can to succeed in both my personal and my working life.

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Look at the bigger picture.
Choose quality over quantity.
Think about what you really want from a deal – we’ll support you to achieve it.

How soon can we complete?
 It’s my job to manage your expectations, and I won’t make promises that can’t be delivered. However, if you can give me all the information at the beginning, I’ll provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible.

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