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A bit about me

Contracts are at the heart of business and I enjoy dealing with new and different contracts every day to help those businesses to move forward. Looking beyond the immediate question in front of me, I aim to get close to the underlying business so that I can identify problems before they affect my client.

Although I am especially interested in competition law, I deal with a very wide range of companies and people, including non-profit making organisations and franchises.

My love of creative solutions and teamwork mean that outside work, I am very accomplished at completing escape rooms!

Want to know more?

Have proper terms and conditions in place for all of your contracts.

Limit your liability; don’t bet your whole business on one contract.

If you don’t understand it, don’t sign it.

Can I get out of my contract?

This will often totally depend on the terms of the contract and this is why it is important to have all contracts (including standard terms and conditions) drafted comprehensively by a solicitor who understands the issues.

How will Brexit affects my contracts?

Businesses with cross-border contracts will need to consider a wide variety of issues after Exit Day and review their contracts often to account for any deviations of UK law from EU law thereafter. For example, businesses trading in IP protected goods should be aware of the changes to the rules on ‘exhaustion of rights’ which will come into effect once the transition period ends.

How can I protect my business?

Have a comprehensive contract which limits your business’ liability to an appropriate level, safeguards intellectual property rights and sets out sensible mechanisms for resolving a dispute without the need for litigation.

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