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Practising law in the charity sector is both intellectually challenging and extremely rewarding. My clients are doing their bit to make the world a better place and supporting them in that is an enriching experience. I pride myself on a positive and pragmatic approach and I’ll work the hours the clients need, giving an unswerving attention to detail and always chasing the best possible outcome.

I like to see my clients’ work in context so I can get to know their priorities and plans. Clients range from charities of all shapes and sizes, to almshouses, community interest companies and Oxbridge colleges. My specialisms include charity governance, fundraising, trustee training, charity mergers, charity registrations and incorporations, commercial arrangements, and serious incident reporting.

Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors – either running, swimming, hiking, or spending time in a pub garden. I also love discovering new (or very old) music that I like.


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Lead by example.

Check your governing document, and then your policies.

If unsure whether an action is compliant or in the best interests of the charity, pick up the phone to me.

Questions I'm frequently asked

Please advise me about charity incorporation

Certainly, we do that all the time.

Please tell me how to get the best out of my board

Let’s organise some trustee training.

Should I be reporting this to the Charity Commission?

Probably not, but let’s hear all the facts.

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