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Zoe Winfield, Senior Associate

Real Estate

Direct Dial: 020 7400 5026
Mobile: 07787568115

A bit about me

Working in real estate law means no two transactions are the same, due to the range of clients and their needs. Property is a key, and nearly always central, component of many transactions and projects which include mergers and acquisitions, property finance and commercial projects.

It’s my job to ensure I understand your objectives and goals and maintain a clear focus on them as closely as possible. As someone who enjoys finding solutions to obstacles, I adopt a creative approach to challenges which may arise.

I’ve worked with a range of people and organisations in my career to date, from investors and developers to banks, recycling businesses and healthcare providers.  My specialisms include sales and acquisitions, leases and licences, secured lending, asset sales agreements, conditional contracts, option agreements and general commercial contracts.

Want to know more?

Get your solicitor involved at an early stage before terms are agreed

Do not be afraid to ask questions! It is important to understand the process

A solicitor should be an instrumental part of your team – choose someone you can work with

How long will it take?

This really depends on the objectives of all the parties that are involved in the transaction. However, setting realistic time frames at the outset during the initial negotiations is immensely helpful.

What can I do to help the process along?

Try and pull together all the documentation concerning the property, or the transaction, so that this is available at the outset.

Does it need to be in writing?

Precision in the drafting of contracts, leases and other commercial agreements ensures that the relevant parties have contractual certainty.

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