The River Stour Mussel Fishery Order 2016

Further consultation on the impact of the proposed trial mussel fishery for Wash Mussels Ltd on the River Stour between Manningtree and Harwich is now taking place, to address concerns raised in the first consultation. Both the original documents and the new  documents are available below.

To contribute to the consultation, please see the contact details below. This consultation will be open until Friday 7th October 2016.

The proposal, for trial mussel beds to be established within five areas in the estuary, was originally made to DEFRA in March 2015. Following that consultation a multi-disciplinary team of experts including consultant Peter Scott, who has extensive environmental and fisheries expertise, have discussed and clarified the proposal with many of those who raised concerns during the first round of consultation and produced expert reports on each subject area.

The new information here is set out in those reports and covers:

  • action taken to address concerns and further proposed action if the application is granted
  • detail on the anticipated frequency and intensity of mussel farming operations during the five years of the proposed order
  • environmental issues, including worries about noise from a mussel dredger
  • the impact on other types of fishing in the area
  • navigation issues and the effect of the dredging on commercial shipping and recreational sailors
  • the wider legal implications of the order.
  • a revised management plan taking into account the new expert reports

This consultation invites comments and contributions on the further documents prepared since the original consultation, but the documents relating to that first consultation are referred to in the new documents, and can be accessed through this page.

Notice of the further consultation has also been posted on the Eastern and Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) websites and views are welcomed, both from those who took part in the first consultation but also from those who were unable to do so.

Contact details:

Harrison Clark Rickerbys                            Shellfish and Aquaculture Team

5 Deansway                                                    Area 8A Millbank

Worcester                                                       DEFRA

WR1 2JG                                                        Nobel House

Smith Square                                     LONDON SW1P 3JR


Consultation documents :

Introduction – Harrison Clark Rickerbys.

Revised Draft Order

Revised Management Plan

Revised Management PlanEcological Review – APEM Limited

Fisheries Report – Homarus Limited

Navigational Risk Assessment – Marico Marine

Sound Assessment  – Atkins Acoustics

Note on Section 7 of the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967 – Harrison Clark Rickerbys


Original consultation documents (for reference):

Draft Order

Management Plan

Environmental Statement – Dr S Otto

Supplementary Environmental Statement – Dr S Otto