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Practical advice for business people and directors on how you can protect your business from the effects of Covid-19 including furlough (CJRS), funding (CBILS) and cash flow, commercial property, contracts, insurance, and employer matters. For your personal life click through for guidance on wills, divorce, children matters and buying and selling your home.

Our clients are asking us many and varied questions about the financial, business and personal effects of Covid-19, from advice on how to access the government support that is being made available to businesses, to how the pandemic might affect the purchase of a new home.

As the situation develops, it’s likely that you’ll have even more questions. We’re listening to what you’re asking and providing practical insight on everything from your employment questions to how to manage your supplier contracts. We’re looking at topics from multiple perspectives, whether that’s employer and employee, supplier and customer, big business, small business and individuals. We’re here to help.

If you’d like to ask a question, you can complete the form or call our helpline on 08000 862 819.

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