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We know that divorce is painful and difficult, and that you want the best advice possible to help you through the process, to see beyond it to your future. Last year we helped 738 people find their new future.

Our Worcester family solicitors aim to minimise the stress caused and make sure that you are guided through the divorce process in a sensible, straightforward and, if possible, amicable way.

Under current UK divorce law, you must have been married for at least one year before you seek a divorce. Divorce is based on the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage – this can be proved by relying on one of the following facts:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Two years’ separation by consent
  • Five years separation

When you come to talk to us, we can advise you on the way ahead and take you through the divorce papers to ensure that the divorce is as quick and easy as possible.


How can we help you?

A divorce can be split into three simple stages:-

  • The drafting and issuing of a divorce petition
  • Decree nisi (the first stage of divorce)
  • Decree absolute (dissolution of the marriage or civil partnership).

The process can take anything from four months to a year – the length of time often depends on the settlement of financial issues.

Taking advice early in the process gives you the best chance of protecting your position; we are happy to advise you on mediation and on a collaborative approach to divorce.

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