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In an increasingly connected world, businesses of all sizes can operate across borders more easily than ever before. However, this can involve myriad legal intricacies and complicated regulations due to the unique laws for each country. Whether you’re from an ambitious organisation looking to expand outside the UK, or an international company that wants to improve its situation overseas, we can help you clear a path and focus on what you’re good at.

A world of expertise

Our international service operates from five hubs across the world where our relationships with the people and institutions that might affect you are tried and tested. Our legal, commercial and government connections within the five hubs are extensive and deep – we work with individuals that we’ve personally known for decades. Beyond the hubs, our trusted network reaches across 80 countries, enabling us to help you run and grow your business almost anywhere in the world.

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Hub locations

Our China hub is unique in that we conduct full-service legal work in-house, priding ourselves on our independence and our ability to do so in the UK.  We use our own resources, drafting documents in Chinese where necessary, and make use of a wide network of more than 30 lawyers in China and many strong commercial and political connections. Nicolas Groffman leads this practice and is supported by Connie Yujuan Lu.

In the Netherlands our strong partnership with two Dutch law firms in the Randstad region provide our hub for the whole of the EU.  Its strong economy and close relationships with the UK means that our clients’ European interests are served in a timely, cost effective and expert manner. The practice is led by Robin Koolhoven.

The US practice, centred in Boston, is our most commercially active hub with significant clients.  Our legal expertise across business and private client teams is fully utilised. The litigious approach adopted by American colleagues means that our advice must be match the combative nature of their market. With long standing clients in the region, Rob Rice leads this practice.

Our Nordic legal practice, led by Harriet Murray Jones, is characterised by a methodical, thorough attitude and collaborative approach to commercial legal work. Copenhagen is the centre of the general legal practice, with Oslo as a having a financial and banking practice led by Tim Littler.

In India, our collaboration with the Mumbai-based India Law Alliance (ILA) meets the needs of clients in the UK-Indian corridor. Lawyers on both sides share experience and skills which benefit clients of both firms and enables us to provide clients with multi-jurisdictional transactions. The depth and breadth of the India offering, led by Syed Alam of HCR and Anupam Dighe of ILA, includes representation of clients in the lower courts right up to the Apex Court, and managing inbound Indian investments.

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