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Getting to grips with the UK legal system can be a momentous task when your business is based in a different country – especially when you need to be focusing your attention on getting the best result from your transaction. We don’t just understand UK law but we know your world too and we can help you make the most of any venture in this country and beyond.

Efficient, capable advice

You need a trusted UK partner that can effectively negotiate on your behalf and we support the full range of corporate transactions, from buying or selling both public and private companies, to sourcing investments and setting up joint ventures. We get to know both sides of the transaction to make sure each party has a clear idea of what’s involved, and keep the conversation going so that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Unlike other firms, we invest as much in efficiency as we do in legal expertise and aim to be as cost effective as possible. We also have in-house specialists in numerous sectors, including agricultureeducation and defence and security, and we use this expertise to save you both time and money while delivering the best advice possible.

How can we help you?

Unrivalled contacts

Although we’re experienced in running deals in many countries at once, and are familiar with solving issues in the US, the Netherlands, China, India and Scandinavia, we know that sometimes, our legal expertise alone isn’t enough. If we can’t help you, we’ll be open and honest about it, and we’ll call upon our various partners to assist.

For certain sectors, or unique issues, we have a collective of partners that can help us, including public relations, tax, financial, security and investigative services. If we need to pull another service in, we’ll be completely transparent about it, and make sure we control the cost as much as possible.

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