International Arbitration

If your business crosses borders, disputes can arise across several jurisdictions; our international arbitration team can provide you with the strategic advice and experience which you will need to resolve matters. With particular expertise in international arbitration, we can represent you in the UK and across the world.

Our services

International arbitration should always be considered when entering into contracts, but particularly contracts with an international element. Our services include;

  • Managing your risk by ensuring you have effective and enforceable dispute resolution clauses
  • Representing and advising your through all aspects of an international and any related court proceedings, especially when they are complicated
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards around the world.

We regularly act in complex, multi-jurisdictional matters where several laws are at issue and diverse languages are in play.

How can we help you?

Our work with clients

Whatever your business, our focus is on minimising your risk, acting swiftly to protect you in the most effective way and taking action in the right on as many fronts as necessary to resolve your problem.

We work with multinational corporations and international traders – our recent experience involved successfully representing a client in a multi-million US dollar claim against a multi-national corporation’s subsidiary. The proceedings, in the Netherlands Arbitration Institute, involved factual witnesses and legal experts from Russia, Kazakhstan, the UK, BVI and Germany among others.

Representing a client in a multi-million USD Netherlands Arbitration Institute dispute against a Dutch subsidiary of a German multi-national corporation concerning a project in Kazakhstan. The proceedings involved factual witnesses and legal experts from multiple jurisdictions including Russia, Kazakhstan, the UK, BVI and Germany.

We work in a broad range of sectors, including energy, manufacturing, construction and engineering and financial services.

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