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Fully understanding the deal you’re making is always crucial, but even more so when working overseas. We’ll tell you if there’s any potential risks involved in your transaction, help you resolve disputes, and let you know if your arrangements may result in significant losses. We know how to make business work across borders, and we’ll ensure your company benefits from that expertise to make opportunities as successful as possible.

Sound commercial advice

When opportunity strikes, we make sure both parties understand each other, increasing the chance of greater profit and preventing any unwelcome surprises in the years to follow. Whether you’re looking to invest overseas, enter into a commercial relationship with a foreign company or resolve an international dispute, our specialist team of international lawyers,  have worked with businesses from a wide range of countries, where multiple jurisdictions are involved

When working internationally, it’s all about building trust, and we won’t be afraid to tell you if a deal won’t work. In one instance involving an import/export contract with three countries, we identified weaknesses that would have resulted in serious losses for our client, and halted the transaction before it was too late.

How can we help you?

A world of expertise

As a client of Harrison Clark Rickerbys, you’ll benefit from more than our legal know-how. We make use of all kinds of contacts, including native speakers, accountants, public relations support and other local businesses to help you build relationships. Where we can, we input local knowledge and leverage our personal contacts from the international community to ensure a deal goes smoothly.

We also know how to handle tough situations that are unlikely to crop up in the UK. In some countries, a commercial dispute can end up with criminal liability. In the past, we’ve been called in to help, and we’ve even negotiated the release of commercial clients from detention.

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