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We provide specialist tax barristers to resolve your problems, with an approach tailored specifically to achieve the outcome you want. Our substantial experience, built during years working inside HMRC at the highest level, means that we know exactly how to reach the result you are looking for.

Our Experience

Our experience working in and with HMRC and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, coupled with our connections on the boards that make key decisions in tax law, means that our approach is well informed and benefits our clients. Our successful lobbying activity on significant issues also results in great outcomes for our clients.

We work quickly, focusing on the pertinent issues and reaching a well- informed recommendation for you, which may not be the first or most obvious route but will achieve what you want with the minimum of fuss.

How can we help you?

Our Clients

We work particularly effectively with clients facing tax challenges, whether these are in their business life, personal affairs or across the two. Key areas include corporation tax, VAT, Customs & Excise and employment duties. We work with individuals on their personal tax situations and mediate effectively when needed. We know how overwhelming tax problems can seem; we provide the expert help you need.

Demand for our service means that we are currently recruiting two pupils into our tax team beginning in June 2020, with a view to offering up to two permanent contracts. All applications must be submitted via the Bar Council pupillage gateway.

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