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You want to make sure that your estate provides for your loved ones after you have gone, and that it is in safe hands for the future. Many people choose to appoint professional executors, either to handle their estates wholly or to share the load with executors from among their family or friends; our Trust Corporation simply makes this process easier and more cost effective.

The Trust Corporation – how it helps

By appointing the Corporation as your professional executor, all its nine directors can act on your behalf without you having to name any one person – they can administer your estate, or act as a deputy or attorney in Lasting Powers of Attorney if you lose the capacity to make decisions for yourself.

This means that we can provide a seamless service and you can be sure of the quality of advice and help available; all directors are partners in the firm and are very experienced in handling wills, trusts and estates.

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What it means for you

Above all, this will give you peace of mind – if you have personal executors as well as the Trust Corporation, they will be relieved of the worry but able to reflect your wishes and support the rest of the family. If you decide that the Trust Corporation should handle the entirety of your estate, you can guide its actions so that your loved ones benefit, secure in the knowledge that your assets will be expertly managed.

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