Older and Vulnerable Clients

We understand that age, disability and injury can cause difficulties for people, their families and carers.  The legislation governing the provision of health and care support services changes frequently as do the rules governing who pays for the support.

We have a team of legal advisers who have years of specialised knowledge and expertise in these issues.  Families, carers and older and vulnerable people seek our advice on a wide range of concerns.  Sadly, many people we speak to find that clear guidance is not easily and readily available or signposted elsewhere.

Capacity can be a central concern.  A lack of capacity for some (or all) decision making may mean the involvement of the Local Authority and/or the Court of Protection.  We aim to help people make arrangements which avoid  remote decision makers being involved where possible.  Where it is not we can advise on making the involvement of others as painless and effective as possible.

The type of issues on which we regularly advise include :

  • Assessing Capacity
  • Creation of Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Dealings with the Office of the Public Guardian
  • Applications to the Court of Protection (Deputy appointments, Statutory Wills, authority to make gifts, Health and Welfare issues)
  • Court of Protection disputes
  • Creation of Personal Injury Trusts
  • Supporting other Deputies and Attorneys in their role
  • Financial concerns (including assessments and care funding)
  • Care Needs Assessments, and organising the provision of care
  • Continuing Healthcare Funding and Appeals
  • Safeguarding and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

We also assist people who need a professional adviser to manage their property and money for them – either as Attorneys or as Deputies.

We have offices in Cheltenham, Worcester, Hereford, Ross on Wye, the Thames Valley, Birmingham and London.  We meet with clients at any of those offices, or at their homes.  Often the first contact is by phone during which an appointment is arranged if this is what our client wishes.

As a team and as individuals we are dedicated to providing supportive, expert advice.