We can offer advice on a wide range of financial issues which are specific to the older and vulnerable person.

Local Authority Funding

If your savings are below a certain level (currently £23,250), the local authority will contribute towards some or all of the cost of your care. In order to establish their responsibilities, the local authority must carry out an assessment of your finances.

We can assist you with the assessment process and can advise on the more complicated aspects of the rules.  We can also assist with challenging decisions if appropriate.

There will be changes to the assessment rules and procedure coming into force soon as a result of the Care Act 2014 and we will be able to advise on the impact of these.


We can investigate the benefits you or a loved one are currently receiving and can offer help with applying for those which we believe you are entitled to.

Where we are acting as attorney or deputy, we will monitor those benefits which are being received and where necessary initiate the application process for additional or enhanced benefits.

Managing Finances as an Attorney or Deputy 

Appointment as a deputy or attorney is a serious responsibility.  If you are appointed as a deputy, the Office of the Public Guardian monitors your management of the person’s finances on an annual basis, and attorneys can also be investigated in certain circumstances.  It is therefore recommended that you seek professional assistance to ensure that you are carrying out your role appropriately, and the costs of this can be covered from the funds of the person for whom you are acting.

We have many years experience of assisting deputies and attorneys and can offer support in your role.

Alternatively, where there is no close family member who can act as attorney or deputy, or where there are difficulties meaning family cannot act, Partners in Harrison Clark Rickerbys can take on the role of attorney or deputy.  Again our team has many years of experience acting in these roles.

For more information, read our Benefits Frequently Asked Questions.