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Costs battle averted with calm expertise

When a client found herself facing a trial over her former solicitors’ claim for their fees, the calm and thorough approach of partner Derek Jones, from our restructuring and insolvency team, averted the trial and brought the costs dispute into negotiation.

The trial had been due to take place the week after Derek was consulted – the client had not paid the fees owed because of concerns about the quality of the advice provided; following that advice had left her in a very difficult financial situation.

Derek’s thorough review of the case meant that he was able to have the trial cancelled and insist that the solicitors should have their costs assessed by the court; they had failed to tell the client that this was an option. Settlement negotiations are now underway.

The client said: “I can’t thank you enough for your help, support and encouragement; I had lost hope! Derek, you make a million papers of jargon, threats and financial demands, together with lever arch files full of battles, appear quite minimal and easy to reply to – a doddle. Eternally grateful for everything.”

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