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Cutting through red tape on stamp duty

Accountancy firm Howards Chartered Certified Accountants recently asked Sarah Woodall for urgent advice with a Stamp Duty matter.

The payment of stamp duty had been overlooked by HMRC on a very large transfer of shares going back to 2014. The company was being sold and the vendors faced an enormously disproportionate penalty proposed by the purchasers if the matter was not resolved within 90 days. HMRC had indicated it was impossible to resolve matters within this timeframe.

Sarah’s extensive knowledge of HMRC’s inner workings, key contacts, and her commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients, enabled her to cut through a web of slow and bureaucratic processes, and resolve the issue with HMRC amicably and by agreement within two weeks.

Sarah said: “I had every sympathy for the client. At times, HMRC’s correspondence failed to give email addresses or even a telephone number, and some letters provided telephone numbers that did not exist and excluded the name of the HMRC officer who had sent them.

“It was a big relief to all concerned, including me, that the potential penalty was avoided and that ultimately HMRC did go the extra mile to resolve what had been a really difficult issue.”

Matthew Bailey, Director at Howards, said: “The excellent outcome and time taken to resolve this time pressured issue went well beyond and above our expectations… [settling this matter was] a bright end to a dull day. I thank you from my heart for your help.”

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