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Having worked with Sarah Woodall at HMRC, Jeremy Clarke-Morris, partner at Kendall Wadley accountants, knew she had a unique insight into counter avoidance investigation and systems.

In an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) disguised remuneration case, he recommended Sarah act in a very large HMRC investigation by their Counter Avoidance and subsequently Fraud Investigation Service (FIS). The investigation settlement agreed was about quarter of £1 million less than would have been the case without Sarah’s relentless challenge- the client expressed delight and relief at the outcome.

Her in depth knowledge of HMRC, EBTs and ERTs ensured the best possible settlement for the client. Jeremy Clarke-Morris said “Our client was delighted. Sarah is highly professional, eloquent and had a very effective, down to earth approach. She is an excellent negotiator.”

Sarah said: “I have enjoyed working with Jeremy for many years and it was my pleasure to advise his client to resolve what was undoubtedly a difficult and long-running HMRC investigation. The client had found the situation stressful. It was satisfying to settle all matters by agreement and without recourse to the tax tribunal, ultimately with a very significant adjustment in the taxpayer’s favour, no penalties and with five years to pay.”

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