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Experience and capacity to handle complex projects wins new client

Prosperity Wealth and Developments Limited are a Birmingham-based residential property developer with close to 40 projects spread around the UK from Yorkshire to Essex, as well as throughout the West and East Midlands.

Of their involvement with Martin McQueen and HCR’s residential development team, they said: “After undertaking an extensive beauty parade of UK solicitors, Prosperity selected Martin McQueen and HCR’s team to represent investors buying apartments and houses from Prosperity nationwide.

“HCR are able to provide efficient, impartial and excellent advice on the whole process of property acquisition to all manner of investors, many of whom are UK expatriates, foreign nationals and limited companies.

“Martin’s team’s ability to work effectively and reliably, whilst dealing with up to 400 cases at any one time on our larger projects, is deeply impressive and we commend HCR to anyone interested in buying UK property and seeking the comfort and certainty that a top UK law firm should always be able to provide.”

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