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Expert immigration advice kept family together

Sandeep Dattani’s expert advice meant that a family was able to stay together, even though the wife needed to apply for a spouse visa, which usually has to be done from outside the UK.

She was here on a visitor visa, but Home Office rules dictate that she could not simply switch to a spouse visa without going back to her country of origin. She and her husband have an 11 year-old son who is British, and Sandeep advised them to apply for further leave to remain from within the UK, stressing the human rights aspect of their case and making their child’s need paramount.

Without this support and help, the wife would have to return to South Korea for at least three months and quite possibly longer, while the application was processed, separating her from her son.

Sandeep processed the application and followed it through; within five weeks, the application had been approved.

The client said: “I am truly humbled by Sandeep Dattani’s knowledge of the law, his dedication to the case, and his attention to detail, leaving no room for error during every stage of my wife’s visa application. Myself, my wife, and our son are truly and eternally grateful to Sandeep for guiding us through, and mostly for the outcome of the application that we could never have achieved successfully alone.”

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