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Expert investment support for early-stage tech firms

Combining understanding of the needs of early-stage tech companies and the needs of the investors they seek gives Inger Anson and her team a crucial advantage in providing the seed round support which brings the two parties together.

Acting for pre-revenue firms looking for investment from angel investors, government funds and university commercialisation teams, Inger and her team are based in Cambridge but work nationally.

Because they know what investors need, they can ensure that companies’ legal and investment documents are produced in a way that helps the company but also demonstrates to investors that their requirements will be met.

This gives investors more confidence and faith in the founder teams and enables investment transactions to move forward faster with fewer delays. Costs are kept down and much-needed funds are provided for clients so that their company can grow.

An entrepreneur and angel investor client said of Inger: “I have worked with Inger on investment deals and have found her to be responsive, knowledgeable, good value, trustworthy and a problem solver.”

Her expertise also supported a start-up founder team client, who said: “I found Inger to be comfortably in command of the necessary knowledge, and good to work with. In particular, she was good at explaining which choices we had to make, and was able to guide us through the decision process.”

According to another entrepreneur and active technology angel investor, “Inger is pragmatic in her approach and works hard to simplify and ease the process. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Her skills and judgement won praise from a cleantech investment manager, who said: “Inger has provided excellent support and strong advice with clear explanations. Her commercial understanding is second to none and her negotiation skills are of the highest standard.”

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