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Expertise and personable approach for complex wills and LPAs

When faced with issues involving Lasting Powers of Attorney and complex wills, it can be difficult to know where to turn to. Laura Banks’ professionalism and personable approach left her client feeling assured that they came to the right place.

Grateful for Laura’s support, the client said: “We did not previously know or have any knowledge of Laura but were quickly impressed both by her technical and professional knowledge and competence, and equally by her easy and friendly but firm personal style in developing a professional relationship showing concern and understanding as well as probing, and thereby clarifying thinking and intentions on our part.

“Laura covers a wide range of expertise and I imagine an equally wide range of client but in all our exchanges, by email, telephone and zoom, we always felt that we had her full attention and reflection on our situation and needs, which we valued and found extremely helpful.

“I would commend her as an excellent example of a very capable and experienced professional lawyer for all matters in her profile and as a very personable human person, able to share, feel and understand and yet be objective and clear as to professional limits. We are grateful and wish her well both professionally and personally.”

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