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We approached Adam Finch, partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys, who specialises in hedge funding claims, in order to help us seek compensation for the IRHPs that were mis-sold to us. During that time we were guided throughout the complicated process by Adam in order to put our case forward to the bank.

During the months that we were involved in negotiations with the bank, we found Harrison Clark Rickerbys to be totally professional, thorough and supportive, ensuring that we were fully aware of the procedures and actions needed to be taken in support of our claim. Their advice was invaluable and as “non-sophisticated customers” felt that we were given every opportunity to fight our claim.

We are extremely pleased that the outcome was successful and we were awarded the full claim amount plus compensation. Without Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ guidance and support, I do not feel that we may have necessarily achieved the same result.

Mr Rigby

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