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From crisis to a new start, with expert employment advice

For one partner in a professional firm, whose fellow partners attempted to expel them based on unfounded allegations of misconduct, Chris Mayers’ help was a lifeline.

After he had quickly established that the allegations were largely unsubstantiated, he was able to negotiate a considerable settlement.

The partner was able to leave and set up their own business.

The client described Chris as “a godsend on a professional and personal level at one of the most intensely stressful moment of my life.”

The client added: “When I woke up one morning to find myself in a distressing work-related situation, I was blind-sided. I had so many different concerns, questions and emotions to deal with that I wasn’t able to think clearly at that moment. I did realise, however, that I needed professional advice from someone who knew the relevant law and could think clearly for me, speak and battle on my behalf.

“A friend put me in touch with Chris and it was a turning point. Chris is not only excellent on a professional level, but he relates to his clients in a way that makes all the difference. He is clear and pragmatic in his advice, and strikes the right balance between going on the offensive against the other party and [knowing] when to compromise. He enabled me to turn the corner and walk into a better professional life, and I’m grateful.”

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