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“Just what was needed” – sensitive handling of estate leads to heartfelt testimonial

When Mr Hulbert’s brother died without a will, Lisette Macdonald was instructed to handle his affairs.

Lisette’s care, understanding and expertise meant the administration of the estate could take place efficiently and without hassle.

Mr Hulbert said: “We have had the great fortune to have been placed in the attentive care of Lisette, who – with great regard to our lack of understanding has skilfully, and with great patience, guided us through each process.

“I and my partner feel that she has taken great trouble to relieve our stresses, which have been many, and overall she has dealt with us with great sympathy and empathy.  Lisette is not just a quietly efficient and dedicated professional, she is a thoughtful and very special person. More still, a friend – and right here, that is just what was needed.”

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