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Property sale for children’s care business

The sale of 23 properties associated with a children’s care business went smoothly thanks to Qess Ali’s support and contribution to the process. The business, which provided enhanced care services to children and young people, owned properties which were held on a mixture of freehold and leasehold, creating various issues for the client.

Qess was called upon to help negotiate the case. He and the team collated the due diligence for all 23 properties, replied to enquiries and negotiated the property sale agreement. The case involved dealing with a number of banks, along with the purchaser and accountants, in order to ensure everything went smoothly.

Jo Sams, the seller of the business and the properties, said: “Thank you so much for all of your hard work, support and contribution in getting the deal done, I really appreciate all you did. You certainly made the whole process less painful for me and I really enjoyed working with you.”

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