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Transatlantic marketing deal completed with expert team

Helen Higginbotham and Tim Ward recently helped to complete a deal in which a Florida-based market research company acquired a company in the UK.

The CEO of the company said: “On behalf the entire team, thank you.

“You’ve all been very professional and thorough throughout this entire process. While it was much more ‘involved’ than expected, the experience has left us feeling more comfortable and confident that it was done right and there is a much smaller chance of future issues because of that.

“Special thanks to Helen and whoever else gave up their Friday night to push this over the finish line!”

Regarding the case, Tim said: “It was fantastic to be a part of this transatlantic deal. Working across time zones is always tricky, but we were able to provide a positive result for our clients across the pond.”

Helen Higginbotham said: “Our corporate, employment and commercial teams worked hard to ensure that the transaction ran smoothly and our client was provided with the support they needed to complete a key deal for them in the UK”.

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