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7 May 2021

Business Leader panel debate: Are UK offices no longer fit for purpose?

With restrictions easing, many business leaders now face the task of deciding how the future will look for their employees, in regards to where they work and how they work. We teamed with us Business Leader to host this panel debate to explore the future of the workspace.

Issues debated included:

  • What are the currents trends for people returning to the office?
  • Have employers reconsidered the role of the office and home in relation to work and what they should both offer?
  • As an employer what measures should you have in place to ensure a safe return to the workplace?
  • Will we have fewer offices in our urban centres in the future? Or will staff occupancy return to pre-pandemic levels?
  • Are we likely to see a shedding or re-purposing of office spaces?
  • As business leaders are you seeing your staff ask for any specific requirements to be in place before returning to the office?

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