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The Law Firm with a Passion for People

A different type of law firm

We’re often told that our approach to clients is what makes us different. Instead of being loud about who we are and what we do, we’ve been focused on building services that solve our clients’ problems and help them get to where they want to be.

Our clients trust us. We help them not only be compliant with the law but to run commercially successful operations. We’re with families and individuals for the moments that matter; helping protect their wealth now and for the future.

We are the law firm with a passion for people.

Sector expertise

Our nationally-renowned sector teams combine industry insight and expertise with sound legal advice.

Future Workspaces from Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Tackling the UK Skills Shortage

The UK’s workplace, and its workforce, has been through a revolution. For many, it’s for the better. But the challenges that have come with this new normal – from staff retention to managing remote workers – are significant. And when people are your biggest asset, but what they want is changing, you need to change with them.

Future Workspaces is our ongoing mission to help UK employers on this new frontier. In our insights report we present the Skills Shortage position and three solutions for tackling the issues in your business. We also include three downloadable tools – a template for conducting a skills audit, an exit interview questionnaire, and a workplace culture analysis tool.

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