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Why Join HCR?

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We are the law firm with a passion for people

HCR Law suits people who love a challenge and want to work in an environment where careers thrive on the back of hard work and personal merit.

Our growth constantly creates opportunities for people who want to go places and make a difference. The traditional, hierarchal law firm structure is a thing of the past. HCR began this journey in 2000 and is still on it, recognising that a strong culture with great energy, resources and an open mindset, results in firmwide success that we can all enjoy.

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Our core values

New starters often comment on how friendly everyone is at HCR. The other thing they talk about is our drive to get things done, to find a way and do it quickly.

These behaviours are not often associated with lawyers, but they matter hugely to us. Many of us left other firms with values and practice that jarred with our belief that people matter, whether they are clients, employees, colleagues or family.

Our ‘Passion for People’ is reflected in everything we do and our bigger purpose, which is to give clients the choice to work with people who are authentic, transparent and genuinely care about you or your business, and who just happen to be excellent lawyers.

Image says What our People say

“Working with great clients and colleagues in a collegiate way across all teams in the firm is empowering and enables me to deliver a high quality, problem solving service to my clients.”

“I don’t regret my decision to train with HCR at all. In my view, it was and remains, a firm to watch.”

“I would definitely recommend HCR. You get great quality work from a wide variety of clients.”

“I was concerned about whether I would fit into a large firm. I do. Everyone is approachable and I have been made to feel valued.”

“Even though I joined during the first lockdown, I felt welcomed, connected and supported despite difficult circumstances.”

“If you have a good idea you will be backed.”

“People take the time to listen and meet you in person, they want to problem solve and improve things when needed, plus they are really energetic.”

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