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Trees photographed from above

Our Commitment to Net-Zero

We are committed to removing carbon from our operations and wider business activities consistently each year and aim to reach a net-zero position by 2040.

Our passion for people is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the engine that keeps us ticking and inspires us to do our best. This philosophy has long been a part of who we are; we’ve supported the communities we work and live in, via charitable giving and social responsibility initiatives, for many years. As a fast growing and entrepreneurial firm, we recognise that our social responsibility extends to doing all we can to reduce our impact on the climate and protect the environment.

We commissioned an audit of our carbon emissions and a carbon reduction plan to achieve net-zero, in September 2022. The report identifies our scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and we believe it provides a fair assessment of our carbon footprint.

Since commissioning the report we have taken significant steps to make improvements, but there is much still to do. This report outlines our starting point and our commitment to reducing our emissions over the coming years. We recognise that we need to play our part, and therefore, work collaboratively with suppliers, employees, clients, and stakeholders if we’re going to make a real difference.

As is reflective of the drive and ambition the firm is known for, we wish to be transparent, so we have clearly set out our targets within our plan which we have published here. We will also publish yearly updates on how we are doing. We acknowledge that in some years our outcomes will be better than in others, but we state our aim for overall movement in the right direction to becoming a net carbon zero business by 2040.

We thank Go Green Experts for their assistance in auditing our greenhouse gas emissions and support in setting out our commitments.