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Clear, comprehensive advice for farming client from Agriculture and Estates Partner

When a farming client was served numerous notices to quit by their landlord when the landlord wanted to try and recover possession of the holding, he turned to Agriculture and Estates Partner Rory Hutchings for support and expert guidance. Rory established the land was farmed on the basis of a tenancy which was protected under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986.

Each notice had to be carefully considered and counter notices and demands for arbitration served on behalf of the client on the landlord to preserve their position. Rory and the team  were able to give clear and comprehensive advice to the client and deal with a difficult and stressful situation. The notices were dealt with in the Agricultural Lands Tribunal and by arbitration. Thankfully, none of the notices were deemed effective and the client’s position was properly protected.

Following the case, Rory said: “The threat of losing your livelihood and your home in one go – which can be the case for farmers in these situations – is something no one should have to go through. I’m pleased we were able to provide the right result for our client, and that he can continue to work and live without fear of a landlord removing him.”

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