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Fishing club steered through changes thanks to Senior Associate’s expertise

A fishing club recently went through a process of restructuring prior to formal incorporation to become a limited company. The club held property assets which needed to be transferred to the limited company as part of that process. Needing professional advice, they contacted Agriculture and Estates Senior Associate Fiona Phillips for help.

Fiona carried out a comprehensive review of the property assets owned by the club. She helped the members of the club work out a plan for the work required to transfer the assets to the company following completion.

She worked closely with them to prepare the necessary documentation. This required tenacity and perseverance as the landlord and their solicitor were less communicative than would be hoped. Nevertheless, the leasehold arrangements were finalised.

Mr S, member of the fishing club, provided this testimonial:

“Fiona and the team at HCR provided valuable legal advice and support for Twyford & District Fishing Club in our transition from a membership association to a limited company. As is usually the case, no-one on our committee had been through such a process before, so we needed good advice and guidance, as well as the execution of technical documentation.

“The fishing club has a variety of arrangements for its waters, including full freehold ownership and various rental and lease agreements, some properly formalised and some rather informal. Fiona was able to steer us through the changes we needed to make to meet the requirements of our new status.

“Fiona was professional but also user-friendly. She was appreciative of the limitations that follow from dealing with an organisation staffed by volunteers, who only have an amateur’s understanding of corporate structures and property issues.”

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