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Cyber Conference – The common cyber security mistakes most companies make

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What does cyber risk really mean for your business? What stops organisations engaging with and improving their cyber security?

Often, the technical jargon around cyber security is off-putting and can leave businesses not knowing where to turn for support. And yet, the key to good cyber security practice is not to know the jargon, but to understand exactly how your organisation operates – and nobody knows your company better than you do.

It is important to treat cyber security as a process, not a product, and to know that the principle of cyber security starts with data – what do you hold, how is it used, and who are its users? By following this process, and avoiding errors along the way, you can make the right choices to enable you to build a culture of cyber improvement within your organisation.

Watch this video to learn more from Damon Rands, CEO and founder of Wolfberry Cyber Security, as he explains the process step-by-step and shares insight into the common mistakes often made by companies trying to improve their cyber defence.

This webinar is part of our Cyber Conference series.

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