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Cyber Conference – The opportunities and support to grow your Cyber Capability in Wales

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The opportunities and support to grow your Cyber Capability in Wales and how Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) can help

In a connected society where we engage, buy, and sell services from the online world, cyber security is having a daily impact on our lives – both personally and professionally. Having such high-level trust in data and systems is, perhaps, something we take for granted.

With increased connectivity comes increased vulnerability; 68% of business leaders think their cyber security risk is rising, yet only 5% of company folders are properly protected. So, how can you become more cyber secure and simultaneously propel your business growth? By collaborating with organisations that can offer intelligence sharing, a cohesive response to threats and a robust infrastructure.

With over 40 years’ experience in complex system design, program management and delivery in the telecommunications and UK defence and security industries, Professor Rob Rolley shares insight into the opportunities for growing your business’ cyber capabilities.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The strengths of the UK cyber landscape
  • The support and the networks active in the UK that can make a real impact
  • How KTPs may be relevant to you in creating Cyber Capability for the future

This webinar is part of our Cyber Conference series.

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