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The Italian job: chatbots and children’s personal data

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New York, New York – HCR heading to NFT NYC

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Would you take advice from an AI lawyer?

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Crypto recovery cracked thanks to legal and NFT experts

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Trends in NFTs – CC0s, creator rights and more

From the foyer of NFT.London 2022, Steve Murray chats to Nicola McNeely – NFT lawyer and part of the team who built the world’s first stable coin. As a legal expert in contracts and compliance, Nicola talks about the tug and pull between investor and creator rights and what’s happening around the metaverse, helping the physical and digital world collide.

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A hand pointing at a screen which shows SaaS in a cloud and other technology icons.

29th Jan 2024

Generative AI and SaaS

There is no international definition of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). AI is an umbrella term for a new generation of algorithm, based on machine learning technologies that are intensely changing and […]
A block with AI written on it, in the middle of a technology themed blue and pink background.

29th Jan 2024

The bold gamble of regulating AI

Following the European Council and Parliament’s political agreement on the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act (“EU AI Act”) on 8 December 2023, the EU seeks to create a comprehensive legal framework […]
A person pointing at a computer screen with an AI chatbot shown on it.

29th Jan 2024

Ten top tips for SMEs using AI

AI is currently a hot topic in the world of business. The launch of Chat GPT in late 2022 brought the idea of using AI at work to a much […]
box with chat icon on

06th Apr 2023

The Italian job: chatbots and children’s personal data

Launched just over four months ago on 30 November 2022, the chatbot ChatGPT developed by Open AI – and described by Elon Musk as “scary good” – has been the […]

23rd Feb 2023

AI in the legal sector: can ChatGPT influence future legal service marketing?

As a highly advanced artificial intelligence language model, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionise the legal industry in various ways. Here we look at how ChatGPT influences the future legal […]
Robot hand pointing to a contract

19th Jan 2023

Would you take advice from an AI lawyer?

Machines are learning – your texts can be predicted; your navigation system can advise you to go on a different route if there is traffic ahead; your car knows to […]

25th Oct 2022

Crypto recovery cracked

HCR’s crypto asset recovery team, led by Steven Murray, obtained the first summary judgment in a crypto case from the High Court of England and Wales, securing the return of […]

24th Oct 2022

Has the English legal system finally found a practical use for NFTs?

Whilst Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) quickly followed the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, they have for some time been viewed in some spheres as little more than unique jpegs. Granted, […]

20th Oct 2022

Ready or not: the Metaverse is upon us

In early October, Birmingham became the epicentre for all things tech as Birmingham Tech Week hit the city. It was the perfect blend of entrepreneurial spirit and inclusiveness: from Growth […]

20th Oct 2022

CC0 and NFTs – future or fad?

This article will explore whether the increasing trend of using CC0 copyrights on NFTs is really the best direction for the NFT market. Quick recap – what is an NFT? […]

12th Oct 2022

Regulating the Wild West: Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens

Since first launching in 2009, the cryptoasset market has exploded with an estimated value of more than $3tn at its peak in November 2021. This combines mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, […]

11th Oct 2022

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill: Possible future for the UK GDPR?

The UK government plans to introduce significant reforms to the UK GDPR regime in the new Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (DPDIB). The bill was presented to Parliament on […]

25th Apr 2022

GDPR compliance preparation for investment or sale

Over the last four years, since the introduction of the GDPR, compliance has grown in importance when assessing businesses for investment and sale. Lengthy due diligence reviews often turn up […]
Watch now: What does the future hold for the regulation of technology?

27th Jan 2022

Watch now: What does the future hold for the regulation of technology?

GDPR and blockchain – can they coexist? Or is the tension between them too large a hurdle to overcome? Dan Hyde, partner and cyber and data security expert at HCR […]
Watch now: The common mistakes MOST companies make

24th Jan 2022

Watch now: The common mistakes MOST companies make

What does cyber risk really mean for your business? What stops organisations engaging with and improving their cyber security? Often, the technical jargon around cyber security is off-putting and can […]
Watch now: The opportunities and support to grow your Cyber Capability in Wales and how Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) can help

24th Jan 2022

Watch now: The opportunities and support to grow your Cyber Capability in Wales and how Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) can help

In a connected society where we engage, buy, and sell services from the online world, cyber security is having a daily impact on our lives – both personally and professionally. […]
Watch now: Cryptoassets and their taxation (UK)

24th Jan 2022

Watch now: Cryptoassets and their taxation (UK)

How can people invest in cryptoassets safely? Does HMRC view crypto currency in the same way as the notes in our wallets? Cryptoassets differ from money in the usual sense […]
Watch now: AI for cybersecurity innovation

24th Jan 2022

Watch now: AI for cybersecurity innovation

How can we train artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cyber-attacks and respond in real-time? What data can we collect that allows us to differentiate between malicious and trusted activity? We […]
Watch now: The good, the bad, and the ugly – getting your contracts and policies right

21st Jan 2022

Watch now: The good, the bad, and the ugly – getting your contracts and policies right

Getting your cybersecurity policies, business continuity and disaster recovery policies right from the outset saves time, money, and stress later on. A draft policy is no use if you don’t […]
Watch now: Future of Finance – what a blockchain economy will look like

04th Jan 2022

Watch now: Future of Finance – what a blockchain economy will look like

Blockchain has the potential to transform the way we live and work together. However, as there is a general lack of understanding of the technology, is the vision living up […]
Watch now: Personal digital assets – what are the risks and opportunities for individuals?

08th Dec 2021

Watch now: Personal digital assets – what are the risks and opportunities for individuals?

Your digital footprint can take many forms. Historically, this would be a work of art or a piece of music; now, we must think about things like betting accounts and […]
Watch now: How to spot an insider threat in your growing business

08th Dec 2021

Watch now: How to spot an insider threat in your growing business

Every business is susceptible to insider attack, irrespective of size or industry – no one knows this more than Susanna Berry of Blacksmiths Group, who has focused on the issue […]
Watch now: Growth story – a tech company journey of scaling up

08th Dec 2021

Watch now: Growth story – a tech company journey of scaling up

Understanding the funding options and what makes your business investible are crucial to scaling up your business successfully. Aimed at owners and managers of early stage tech and cyber businesses, […]

02nd Dec 2021

Cybersecurity: the enemy within

Cyber-attacks can have a devastating impact on a company; it can be even more devastating when the attack is made by an employee or other insider. The trusted insider has […]
Watch now: The threat from within – insider threats and commercial espionage

01st Dec 2021

Watch now: The threat from within – insider threats and commercial espionage

Cyber-attacks can have a devastating impact on a company; they are even more devastating when the attack is made by an employee, which is more common than you may think. […]
Watch now: Fighting back

01st Dec 2021

Watch now: Fighting back

Your data is being held hostage; what do you do? Businesses of all sizes in all industries can find themselves the targets of ransomware attacks. If it happens to your […]
Watch now: David v Goliath – selling out, partnering, or carrying on – what’s next?

01st Dec 2021

Watch now: David v Goliath – selling out, partnering, or carrying on – what’s next?

Building your business from series A and start-up to a substantial organisation is a challenge. However, it is also at this point in the life cycle where founders may ask […]
Watch now: Managing risk – what you need to know about cyber insurance

01st Dec 2021

Watch now: Managing risk – what you need to know about cyber insurance

Why is cyber insurance essential for a 21st century business? Cyber risk is increasing, with a recent government survey suggesting that over 60% of large companies and over 30% of […]

18th Oct 2021

Regretted hitting ‘Send’?

In our increasingly busy digital lives, it is all too easy to hit send without checking if the ‘autofill’ has identified the correct recipient. Or you have not moved the […]
Person sitting outdoors about to type password on laptop

14th Oct 2021

Digital assets: how switched on are you?

The issues which may arise when someone dies without making provision for access to their digital assets can be many and complex. They may be financial (such as when the […]
Bitcoin coins with British pound notes

08th Oct 2021

HMRC cryptoassets manual – where does cryptocurrency reside?

  HMRC’s recent publication of their Cryptoassets Manual gives us an insight into their view on the location (residence) of cryptocurrency assets – they take the view that cryptocurrency is […]
Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook icons and logos on phone

07th Oct 2021

Data protection, cyber security and the Facebook outage

Earlier this week Facebook suffered an outage which affected billions of users from accessing platforms including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The interruption lasted for a period of six hours and […]
The Cyber Conference watch on demand

01st Oct 2021

Missed the Cyber Conference? Catch up on demand

All businesses operate with risk. How that risk is anticipated, assessed, mitigated, and managed, determines business success. Providing expertise on cyber security from the FBI to start-up tech companies, HCR’s […]
blockchain and cryptocurrency technology

10th Sep 2021

Policing blockchain and cryptocurrencies

One of the themes of our Cyber Conference, which is running 21-23 September 2021, is the law in relation to cyber fraud. We’re delighted that one of the world’s leading […]
person writing about data information changes in notebook on white table

03rd Sep 2021

Fast paced data protection: more change coming

A new consultation is to be launched shortly by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to look at ways to increase trade and innovation through a development of […]

12th Aug 2021

Cyber warriors: thousands of manoeuvres per second

The Integrated Review (IR) published on 22 March 2021 outlined the U.K.’s ambition to become a science and technology superpower by 2030. At the forefront of the ambition lies cyber […]

28th Jul 2021

Cryptocurrency: a guide to some key terms

Q. What is cryptocurrency? A. HMRC defines crypto assets, or cryptocurrencies, as “cryptographically secured digital representations of value or contractual rights that can be transferred, stored and traded electronically”. In […]

28th Jul 2021

Cybersquatter’s appeal dismissed: trade mark application was “instrument of fraud”

The case of Litecoin Foundation Limited v Inshallah Ltd and others [2021] has reinforced and clarified the law around passing off – in this case in relation to a cryptocurrency […]

09th Jul 2021

Mircea Popescu – Is this the death of Bitcoin?

Romanian bitcoin billionaire and crypto exchange founder, Micrea Popescu, died suddenly, aged 41, leaving behind more than 1bn Bitcoin tokens. It is understood that he was behind the drive to […]

01st Jul 2021

Is my LinkedIn data safe?

On 30 June 2021 newsfeeds were awash with details that over 700m LinkedIn users’ personal information had been put up for sale on RaidForum a week earlier. This was discovered […]

01st Jul 2021

NFTs and tax – taking on the future at Wales Tech Week

Talking NFTs and tax during Wales Tech Week, our Head of Technology Nicola McNeely interviewed NFT collector and enthusiast Pranksy and dug down into some of the myths surrounding the […]

30th Jun 2021

Last minute EU decision allows data to flow freely

Once again negotiations between the EU and the UK have run down to the wire. The transition period for data transfers between the bloc and the UK was due to […]

25th Jun 2021

GDPR – has it really disrupted the business of data?

The story of the last three years and European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) has been interesting. It began with the initial panic and floods of emails received as […]

21st Jun 2021

How has GDPR weathered Covid-19 and Brexit – what lies ahead?

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect back in May 2018, the UK was still part of the EU and no-one had ever heard of Covid-19. We […]

21st Jun 2021

GDPR three years on; reflections on the largest fines so far

25 May 2021 marked the three-year anniversary of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – what a busy three years it has been! GDPR was introduced as […]

11th Jun 2021

First class speaker line up confirmed for HCR’s Cyber Conference

All businesses operate with risk. How that risk is anticipated, assessed, mitigated and managed, determines business success. To that end HCR’s risk advisory lawyers are coming together with a range […]

10th May 2021

Cyber insurance: why bother?

The term “cyber risk” covers any risk connected with the use of technology and data. And the cyber risk to UK business grows every day, threatening to bring companies to […]

07th May 2021

Smart cities; a cyber criminal’s dream?

The description of cities of the future as ‘smart cities’ has become a term of art synonymous with improved functionality and interconnectivity, which could bring quality of life improvements and […]

28th Apr 2021

Cyber at the heart of your business – innovate, invest and protect your data

Join us for three days of expert advice, networking and thought leadership conversation on all things cyber at our online Cyber Conference from 21-23 September. Cheltenham’s Golden Triangle will be […]

23rd Apr 2021

Crypto currencies and divorce

Many people will be aware of the press coverage about the ever-increasing value of bitcoin and other alternative crypto currencies. Crypto currencies can be used to buy goods throughout the […]

06th Apr 2021

How can trustees protect their pension schemes against cyber risk?

News last week suggested that one third of UK pension schemes may have suffered a data breach or cyber-attack in the past 12 months. Also, it has emerged that over […]

26th Mar 2021

Future proofing the workspace: cybersecurity in the time of Covid-19

The title of this blog reflects the parallel themes between Garcia Marquez’s masterpiece novel ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ (published in 1988) and the situation we now face in […]

19th Mar 2021

An inspector calls – FCA enforcement and discipline in a post Covid-19 world

Throughout the Covid era, the FCA has continued to launch investigations and enforcement action against those regulated financial services’ firms and senior individuals that it suspects have broken its rules. […]

10th Jan 2021

How to bolster your cyber security in a home-working world

With people spending more time online, and record numbers of people accessing work systems from home networks, cyber security has been a chief concern for employers during this pandemic. Barracuda, […]

10th Jan 2021

Cyber risk is the next pandemic

Levels of cybercrime increased exponentially during lockdown, as hackers took advantage of the weakened digital defences of home-workers. New research, published in our Future Workspaces report, suggests that Q1 of […]

05th Jan 2021

What businesses need to know about the 2021 national security review regime and how it affects M&A

Proposals to increase government powers to investigate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are currently moving through Parliament. The bill is well-intentioned and necessary, although if its procedures are not rationalised there […]

04th Nov 2020

Managing internal cyber security threats

When we think about cyber security, we often think about the external threats and the well-known dangers that are hackers or phishers. But in focusing on the external threat, many […]

04th Nov 2020

How should you handle crypto assets in estate planning or relationship breakdown?

Crypto assets or digital assets traditionally included things like photographs or copyright on works of musical recordings. But our increasing use of electronic devices means the definition has become a […]

29th Jul 2020

The NHS v WannaCry: Lessons learned and cybersecurity guidance

How did the breach take place? Friday 12 May 2017 was a Black Friday in the truest sense of the word – not a day of panic in trying to […]

15th Apr 2020

Revolut opens market access to gold and cryptocurrencies; genius or foolhardy?

Mainstream financial markets are facing Covid-19 induced downturn. The Bank of England, along with other financial institutes across the globe, has made it known that it is willing to purchase […]

27th Mar 2020

Covid-19 and working from home – how do I keep my business cyber secure?

As a nation we are conducting the largest remote working experiment possible. It will therefore come as no surprise that Covid-19 now potentially also poses the largest cyber security threat […]

23rd Mar 2020

Will technology adoption accelerate as a consequence of Covid-19?

The Covid-19 virus is causing unprecedented impact across the globe. We are already witnessing an increase in the use of technology and a decline in the use of physical cash […]

10th Feb 2020

Blockchain – the essentials

If pressed, could you explain what blockchain is, who uses it, why, what for and whether it’s actually the same as Bitcoin? Fortunately we can – in the first of […]
blockchain, cryptocurrency, blockchain business

10th Feb 2020

How does blockchain affect my business?

Crypto merchants If you buy or sell anything, you will encounter blockchain sooner or later. Crypto merchants are emerging on the high street more and more, even if you don’t […]
facial recognition, FRT technology, is facial recognition legal, facial recognition in cctv,

28th Jan 2020

Facial recognition technology and private users

Controversial technology The Metropolitan Police have announced they will shortly begin the operational use of Live Facial Recognition Technology, saying that it will “tackle serious crime and help protect the […]
crypto currency crypto assets will and crypto cryptocurrency

04th Dec 2019

Crypto assets – their status, their future and how you can pass them on

Crypto assets are a property Crypto assets should now be treated as property as a matter of principle, according to the Chancellor of the England and Wales High Court, Lord […]
Cyber Security, Data protection, GDPR

28th Nov 2019

Cyber security and data protection – an inevitable convergence?

New cyber security threats The way businesses operate is constantly evolving and there has been an exponential growth of internet services including online data storage in recent years. As these […]
Is bitcoin personal property? Laura Williams, hereford solicitor specialising in Dispute Resolution and Nicola McNeely Ross-on-Wye solicitor specialising in commercial and technology

23rd Sep 2019

Is bitcoin personal property?

Bitcoin is essentially a computer file which is stored in a ‘digital wallet’ accessible on a smartphone or computer. You can receive bitcoin to your digital wallet from others and […]

27th Aug 2019

Cybersecurity for companies with dealings outside the UK

There are now more operational devices in the world than people, and each device is a potential way in to your systems for hackers, whether they are government spies, commercial […]
Laywers and Solicitors advising on Cryptocurrency FCA Regulation

15th Aug 2019

Cryptocurrency FCA Regulation

In January this year, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a consultation paper setting out its proposals for guidance on cryptoassets; in particular it looks at where cryptoassets would be […]
FCA proposes cryptocurrency sale ban to retail customers. Financial services, cheltenham solicitors

02nd Aug 2019

FCA proposes cryptocurrency sale ban to retail customers

Cryptocurrency has been seen as an emerging market in recent years, but we could be set to see the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) imposing a ban on the sale, marketing […]
Cyber security threats should be high on schools’ agenda. Kristine Scott, Education Solicitor based in Cheltenham at Harrison Clark Rickerbys.

20th Jun 2019

Cyber security threats should be high on schools’ agenda

Addressing cyber security threats with as much urgency and focus as any health and safety risk is the way forward for schools, Kristine Scott, head of our education sector, has […]
Regulation of bitcoin in the UK. banking and finance solicitors

20th Mar 2019

Regulation of bitcoin in the UK

For almost a decade, there has been a growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and virtual currency, such as Bitcoins and Litecoins, as their market capitalisation continues to experience significant […]

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Nicola McNeely, Partner, Head of Technology Sector

I’ve helped lots of businesses with their digital transformation and software outsourcing. I can help with contracts, policies and business procedures. As Head of Technology sector at HCR, I’m here to help.

Claire Holford, Partner, and Acting Head of Defence & Security

As a partner in the dispute resolution team I like to help my clients try to resolve problems and disputes quickly and cost effectively. Please talk to me about cyber insurance claims, cyber liability issues, defence disputes and forensic evidence investigations.

Simon Beasley, Partner

I assess complex problems, investigate the issues and design strategies to get the best possible outcome for my clients, when they have a dispute. My cyber work includes taking action against former employees or competitors of my clients, who have used information about my clients or have sought to defame them.

Jenny Raymond, Partner, Head of Banking and Financial Services Disputes

I regularly protect my clients where there has been a data breach, or sensitive data has been placed in the hands of competitors, by enforcing restrictive covenants in contracts with employees, directors and shareholders.

Steve Thomas, Partner

For a large part of my career I worked as an in-house lawyer in technology and outsourcing businesses, helping them to protect and licence their Intellectual Property. As a partner in the Commercial team at HCR I advise tech and cyber businesses with their IP and contracts.

Kristine Scott, Head of Education and Charities Sector, and Cheltenham Office

As Head of the Cheltenham office, I’m keen to ensure we are part of the regional cyber ecosystem, to support businesses and provide them with the advice they need to grow and succeed. Our Cyber Conference is a key part of that and you can book your place today.

Tim Ward, Partner, Head of Corporate in Cheltenham

I have gained great interest and understanding of the type of work and entrepreneurial nature of cyber businesses and how, as a Corporate lawyer, I can best support their future ambitions.

Inger Anson, Partner, Head of Cambridge Office

As a partner in our Corporate team, clients rely on my years of experience advising early stage companies on the fundraising process and how to manage the legals simply and with agility.

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