Academy support grant eligibility changes from September 2024

18th April 2024

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The Department for Education (DfE) has announced changes to the eligibility for schools to claim the academy conversion support grant which will be effective from September 2024. Currently, single schools which are seeking to convert to academy status can apply for a £25,000 support grant, to cover costs of conversion such as obtaining legal advice, the costs of software licence transfers, HR or TUPE advice, re-branding costs, and expenses incurred in setting up of the academy trust.

However, schools need to be aware that from September 2024 the terms and conditions for the grant will be changed. This means that the grant will only be paid to schools which have been approved to convert as part of a group of three or more schools joining the same trust.

Schools which are considering converting to academy status but wish to do so as a single school will need to move swiftly to have their application considered under the current eligibility criteria. Interest must be registered by 26 April 2024 and the application submitted by 7 June 2024. A Regional Director must have approved it by 1 September 2024 to allow you to receive your grant as a single converter.

This change will not apply to special and alternative provision schools, which will continue to be eligible to receive the support grant as part of a single-school conversion process.

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