Bespoke requirements of the military community – how the Hereford office is in a unique position to help

14th November 2022

As an office in a garrison town with a diverse military population, the family law team in Hereford appreciate that the needs of those associated with the military require a bespoke service. Over the last 10 years, since our arrival in Hereford, we have ensured that forces personnel from across the county (and beyond) have had their family law issues dealt with in an understanding and effective manner. We have vast experience of dealing with the practical aspects of legal family matters that are unique to those connected to the armed forces.

Our Hereford family law team has a range of experience in complex divorce cases and the subsequent multifaceted financial issues that can result from a military divorce. Our dedicated team will ensure that the assets of the military are best protected during these difficult times. We understand the sensitives surrounding property and pensions, given that these are usually the major assets involved in military divorces. We have assisted clients in ensuring that their pension is managed in a way that protects the asset from over distribution to their former spouse.

If issues relating to children are of a concern, our team of children law specialists will help to ensure that military personnel fully understand how the law relating to children applies to them. Serving personnel need flexible arrangements to ensure that they continue to be fully involved with their children, despite the relationship with the other parent breaking down. We have secured court orders for serving personnel to be able to communicate with their children while abroad, as well as court orders providing for arrangements with children to be flexible when the serving person returns on leave.

Our Hereford team also offers advice relating to those who are not married. We have advised military personnel who live with a partner in jointly owned property, on how to divide the equity in the property when their relationship has ended. Many of these clients have also required protection for their finances before they enter into a marriage by way of a pre-nuptial agreement.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic our family team utilised digital communications to ensure that our military clients continued to receive legal advice while serving abroad. Our team understands the practical aspects of communicating while out of the country.

We are contactable 24 hours a day and we will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours, we understand how limited the communication might be.  We will attend meetings – in-person or virtual – at a time convenient for you, to ensure that you are kept fully abreast of your case wherever you are in the world

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