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Compensation for timber company worker after health and safety failings

23rd November 2023

Brian’s thumb tip was cut off in an accident at work. He contacted personal injury specialist Peter Savage at Medical Accident Group for help, after health and safety failings at the timber company where he worked led to his injury.

Peter was able to negotiate £50,000 of compensation for Brian, aged 50, who couldn’t work for three months after the accident and is now limited in his choice of work. He suffers pain, especially in cold weather, and is limited in what he can do around the house and garden.

He had only been working at the timber company for six days when the accident happened – he was using a bench circular saw to trim wood, but without full instructions or protective equipment.

He had to push the timber through the saw with his right hand, using his left hand as a guide. When the timber got close to the saw, he would use a push stick to finish the cutting process. The accident happened when the timber flicked off the saw blade; he immediately felt pain in his left thumb and saw that he was bleeding.

In spite of immediate first aid, he has now lost the top 15mm of his left thumb.

Peter said: “If the company had given him proper training or protective equipment, this terrible accident need never have happened. Working with tools such as a circular saw is inherently risky and dangerous.

“Brian has had flashbacks, gets pain in his thumb regularly and is much more limited in what he can do. He has two young children to support and the compensation we were able to negotiate for him will help him to plan for their future as well as his own.”

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