Client Story

Dispute resolution support enables solution via mediation

20th April 2022

When John, a retired engineer, was denied an entitlement to a share of the company which he helped to build up, he turned to dispute resolution expert Dominic Hopkins for assistance.

The company which John had worked for had sold its business, with the majority shareholders then putting the company into liquidation.

The dispute resolution team were instructed to help realise John’s entitlement to a share of  distributions from the liquidation.

Dominic persuaded the liquidators to hold onto funds in the liquidation pending the outcome of the case and then made the case to the majority shareholders for a share of those funds. Mediation was employed to settle the claim and avoid expensive court proceedings.

Following settlement, John said: “Words do fail me in this instance, and I cannot think of words fitting enough to express the gratitude I feel towards you. You have restored my faith in humanity, that there are honourable men and women out there willing to fight in my corner as you have.”

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