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Expert guidance through inquest with advice on negligence and insurance

4th March 2024

Silver car crashed into the back of a black car

Expert advice and guidance for a client from Ruth Sheret through an inquest and with insurance difficulties helped them after they witnessed a fatal road accident while driving in Birmingham.

Although the client’s vehicle was not involved, an expert witness called their driving into question at a preliminary inquest hearing 18 months later – allegations which could have formed the basis of a compensation claim after the inquest if left unchallenged. The client’s insurer also refused a claim, leaving the client exposed to the risk of paying compensation out of their own pocket.

Ruth represented the client at the final inquest hearing.  Following her submissions, the Coroner refused to hear evidence of the expert witness’s allegations, minimising the risk to the client.

Ruth also persuaded the insurers that their initial refusal to accept our client’s claim was incorrect – the insurers paid our client’s legal costs.

The client said: “Ruth Sheret was professional and kind from the moment she contacted me based on my initial query.

She took all details and reassured me based on all facts on my case.

Ruth had very short notice regarding getting evidence from various sources to the time of the inquest. Yet she acted quickly to ensure all information was available and looked over the details. She then explained this back to me in a very clear way, helping me to understand what had happened and what it meant for me. Once I’d given her the details, she took control and sorted everything out.

To make matters more difficult, my insurers said that I was not covered for the incident. I would’ve just accepted this, yet Ruth had looked through my policy and contacted my insurers on my behalf, stating that I was in fact covered. This was a huge relief as I was going through a highly stressful time and her work in this matter resulted in the insurers admitting that I was in fact covered and reimbursing me.

As well as being incredibly professional and conscientious, Ruth was also incredibly kind and reassuring. This was a very difficult time for me, which had gone on for a long time. Ruth reassured me with her knowledge of the law but was also a caring and empathetic person to be around. I honestly would not have got through it without her. Thank you so much Ruth.”

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