Your Journey to GDPR Compliance

10th January 2018



In less than five months, one of the biggest changes in data protection and privacy regulation will take effect – have you started your journey to GDPR Compliance?

Our quick guide will help you to identify where you and your business are in the journey and what you need to do now to ensure that you are compliant before May 2018.

  1. Lack of knowledge 

You have little or no knowledge of what GDPR is, you may not even know what the acronym means, let alone what it means for your business or the potential reputational risk to your business if you get this wrong.

To help companies understand the implications of GDPR and what they need to do, we have created an extensive range of articles, practical guides and other materials available via our website which are designed to give a user-friendly and accessible introduction to the new data protection regime coming into force in May 2018.

2.  Awareness of issue

Through reading some articles or watching video content, you are developing an awareness of the scope and potential impact of GDPR and now need to deepen your understanding.

We have developed a programme of interactive seminars and workshops tailored to your needs that will provide you with an action plan to take back to your organisation – take a look at our current events listing at We also work with organisations to deliver bespoke briefings for their employees.

3.  How does this affect me? 

You now need to move from your general understanding of GDPR to more tailored guidance on what your sector and your business needs to do in order to comply.

At Harrison Clark Rickerbys we have established sector teams who understand the commercial context in which you operate and can help design your road map to compliance. This will typically start with 1-2-1 meetings with key stakeholders, following which we can work together to devise an action plan.

4. Ready to act 

Having made the decision that you need to do something, we can provide you with expert advice to inform your decision.

We can support you in designing, scoping and carrying out data audits and guide you in mapping how data flows within your business. Our experienced lawyers can help you update your existing documentation (data protection policies, terms and conditions, privacy notices and data processing agreements) to ensure compliance from May 2018.

5.  Implementing long-term change 

By now, you know you will need to continue to integrate changes to your business processes and want expert help doing this.

This will mean training existing and new staff and monitoring your processes and policies to ensure they continue to be compliant. We can help you develop training resources, update your policies, notices and other data protection materials as well as carry out periodic compliance monitoring to make sure you continue to meet your obligations.

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