Client Story

Renewable energy infrastructure projects go ahead following advice from Agriculture and Estates Partner

10th November 2023

A renewable energy developer required planning permission in relation to a number of infrastructure projects in south Wales. Seeking expert advice, they turned to Agriculture and Estates Partner Rory Hutchings for sound legal counsel. Rory and the team provided specialist advice in relation to the common land aspects of the development.

In cases where a development involves common land, there are specific statutory consents that are required in parallel with a planning permission to allow either for land to be removed from a common – and for exchange land to be provided in its stead – or to allow works on common land.

The case has involved dealing with the construction of a number of turbines on the common and seeking permission to remove 14 acres of land from it, exchanging it with approximately the same amount of suitable land. Rory dealt with negotiations with the commons association to allow matters to proceed with the agreement of key stakeholders as well as dealing with the formal process to seek the necessary statutory consents.

Rory said: “Renewable energy is beneficial to everyone – but where these projects are being built on common land they need specialist advice. I’m, pleased to have been able to provide the developers in this case with the knowledge they needed to move forward with their plans.”

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