Spotlight on…Chris Finch

5th December 2022

Today we shine the spotlight on family law associate Chris Finch. Here, he tells us about his most memorable experience in law, his number one tip for clients and how a career in law ticked both boxes when it comes to problem solving and helping people.

What first attracted you to a career in law?

I enjoy problem-solving and working with and helping people. A career in law ticked both boxes.

What type of legal advice do you provide and to what sorts of client?

I cover all areas of family law but have a particular expertise and interest in finances on divorce. I also enjoy drafting nuptial agreements for wealth protection.

What is your most memorable legal experience and why?

I received a phone call from a client (of a colleague, actually) who was extremely upset and worried as her child had not been returned following contact at the weekend. It dawned on me that an urgent court application would be required. I was still fairly junior at the time – I’d been qualified around 6 months – and there was no one else in the team available that day to attend the urgent hearing the judge ordered – which was in person in Worcester.

I therefore drove up to Worcester from Hereford myself to do the hearing before District Judge Parry. It was very much a case of in at the deep end with no arm bands, but when it comes to advocacy and court presence, arguably there is no better way to learn! We got the outcome we needed in the end and the child was safely returned.

What is your number one top tip for clients?

It’s a marathon not a sprint! There is so much to take in and resolve when separating or making decisions for a child. Take your time, listen to advice carefully and try to remove as much emotion from the situation as you can – albeit this is often easier said than done!