Spotlight on… Frank Brumby

26th October 2023

We’re shining a light on Partner and National Chairman of Restructuring and Insolvency Frank Brumby who joined our R&I Team in July this year.  Below he tells us what attracted him to a career in law and shares all about his love for Rome.

Why did you choose a career in law?

Good question. At a very young age – about 11 or 12 years old – I decided I wanted to be a lawyer but I don’t recall what prompted my ambition as I didn’t know anyone in the law and no one in my family had gone to university either. From then on that became my aim and I channelled all my energies into it and chose my subjects accordingly. I had no idea what area of law that I wanted to do and fell into insolvency more by accident than anything else. At one point I did flirt with the idea of becoming a vet but that was only briefly! At university, whilst studying law, I also considered a plan B if I couldn’t get a training contract and that was to join the Royal Air Force as an intelligence analyst. My Dad was in the RAF for 37 years and I grew up on RAF airbases all my life so had a soft spot for the forces life.

You’re at a Trivia night – what’s your best category?

Sport – but not football! – and geography. Also good at observation rounds.

If you were a wrestler what would your entrance song be?

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. I know it’s the soundtrack for Rocky but it would still get me ready to wrestle!

If you could spend a weekend vacation in any city where would you go?

Rome. My wife and I have been several times and we even did the Rome marathon a few years ago. I love the food, climate and Mediterranean lifestyle.

What’s the most impressive dish you can cook?

Yorkshire pudding or toad in the hole. Years of practicing to make the perfect Yorkshire pudding!