Video series: dealing with the effects of Covid-19 on the commercial property market

19th May 2021

2020 was a year like no other for the commercial property market. The effects of Covid-19 on the sector were profound and are still being felt today. Many office staff have now been working at home or experiencing hybrid-working for over a year, and shops, pubs, restaurants and other leisure venues closed their doors for months at a time. The need for commercial property and the way tenants use it has changed drastically.

In March 2021, the government extended for the third and final time, the measures in place restricting what a landlord can do where a tenant is not paying rent until 1 July 2021. This will no doubt bring further change to the sector in the latter half of the year.

In this three-part video series, our experts take a look at the effects of the pandemic, and offer guidance to landlords, tenants and those working in the commercial property market.

Covid-19 one year on: where are we now with landlord’s remedies?

Covid-19 one year on: how can tenants get out of leases?

Covid-19 one year on: Changing attitudes to premises as a result of Covid-19

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