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Real estate law is a highly technical and challenging area that produces work which changes the landscape of our country. The sector is driven by a commercial need – therefore, it is important to understand not only my clients’ commercial needs in a particular transaction, but also those across their entire business. I always take the time to get to know businesses and individuals while immersing myself in the sector.

I’ve worked with a variety of people, from retail business owners to portfolio managers and pension fund managers, including local property developers and individual landlords.

My specialisms include commercial leases, asset management, acquisitions and disposals, and working with landlords and tenants.

Outside work, I am an ex-professional tennis player who still plays competitively. I am also an avid Formula One fan.

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Instruct us at the earliest possible opportunity. If we know a deal is coming, it is much easier to hit the ground running.

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Real estate, isn’t that a bit dry?

Real estate is central to the country’s economy and the everyday life of most people. Being a real estate lawyer means balancing the evolving commercial needs of a client against land law principles dating back a hundred years. It is a constantly changing environment, making it a challenging and rewarding sector to work in.

How long will this deal take?

We do all that we can to meet your timescales. However, there will always be variables out of anyone’s control which are unexpected. When these events occur, we will do our best to continue to work to your deadlines, keeping you updated at every stage.

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